ERP System

EXLVIS is an ERP software solutions provider for small and mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies.EXLVIS exclusive focus is on the development, sale, implementation, and support of Enterprise to ERP, the company’s fully-integrated ERP software system.From superior software functionality and a proven ERP implementation methodology, to one year of free maintenance and industry-leading direct developer customer support, EXLVIS delivers software and service offerings that are truly unique in the ERP software industry.

ERP Solution for Logistics (Shipping Line) :

1. Shipping plays an important role in the transport sector of India's economy. Approximately, 90 per cent of the country's trade by volume (70 per cent in terms of value) is moved by sea.

2. India has the largest merchant shipping fleet among the developing countries and ranks 20th amongst the countries with the largest cargo carrying fleet with 8.83 million GT as on 01.06.2008 and the average of the fleet being 18 years.

3. Indian maritime sector facilitates not only transportation of national and international cargo but also provides a variety of other services such as cargo handling services, shipbuilding and ship repairing, freight forwarding, lighthouse facilities and training of marine personnel, etc.

4. Our web based ERP Product Manages all import transaction and export transaction and corresponding it creates Report (also checklist) and also generates .TXT file to be uploaded on Indian custom website name is ICEGATE.

5. It Provides too many flexibility for entries and one more special thing is that we comprises all export transaction forms in single form it reduce headache of tabbing between multiple forms or tabs. We did same in import transaction form.